Leave it to the underpinning experts!
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We are experts in underpinning.

We work by expanding the base in depth and/or width (depending on the case) so that your foundation sits on a more supportive soil layer, or distributes its load across a larger area.

In underpinning the use of micropiles and jet grouting are common methods among many others that we use.

Cracked walls, jammed doors and warped floors are all signs that your house needs underpinning. Through the process of underpinning, the foundation of a building can be restored by replacing, restoring or adding stumps.

It is important that underpinning services be done by experts who have the skills and experience for the job.

Alan Family Homes is your one stop solution for all your underpinning needs. Our skilled team of professionals are experts in stabilising structures and strengthening the foundation of any building.

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