Alan Family Homes


Alan Family Homes has been in the construction business for 13 years.

We specialise in residential construction and have extensive experience in commercial projects.




Alan Family Homes is an experienced construction company that has been active in the construction industry since 2007. 

Our expertise is in all areas of construction. We are a Melbourne based company, learn more by clicking the link below:


New Homes






Our professional and qualified team can complete any home project to your exact specifications.

Alan Family Homes has completed a variety of construction projects, and has approached them all with sustainability, responsibility in mind – while providing good value for our clients’ money.

Restore what you love with a builder you can trust.


Our core values are mutual trust between our employees and our customers and commitment to safety, quality and of course the environment.



Always a step ahead

Alan Family Homes is proud to give peace of mind to customers with an industry-leading pricing strategy.


Elevating standards

We developed our leading premium inclusions on the market and made it standard with every one of our homes.


On Time

We make sure we offer an exceptional service on time so that nothing gets between you and your dream home.

Alan Family Homes can cater to any budget, from small units to industrial projects, anywhere in Victoria.

Expertise in building

Alan Family Homes have a smart approach for modern home design and implemented technologies for their success.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

Working several hours on their feet and making fast decisions

Building and Engineering Knowledge

Extensive experience with the best techniques, materials and tools.

Attention to detail

Keep track of measurements and evaluate modifications if necessary

Latest Technology paired With experıence


We’re with you every step of the way, even after our job is complete!

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